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Find the best odds for online cricket betting from trusted and legal bookmakers in India. Current cricket betting odds for today’s and upcoming matches worldwide.

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The Best Bookmakers with High Cricket Betting Odds

Below you will find a list of bookmakers with high odds for betting on cricket online. Our experts have checked each bookmaker in detail for safety and reliability.

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4rabet Highlights

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4rabet offers good cricket betting options and gives a welcome bonus of up to 600% for new customers.


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Fairplay Highlights

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Dafabet Highlights

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What is Cricket Betting Odds?

Bet odds are a measure of the likelihood of a certain outcome. They are calculated as the ratio of the number of events that led to this result to the number of events that did not. When we talk about odds, you understand that the lower the odds, the more likely that team is to win, and the same happens when the odds are much higher.

For example, we have a game between the first and last classification. If you don’t think the last one to place will win, you certainly wouldn’t bet on him, right? When we talk about odds, you understand that the lower the odds, the more likely that team is to win, and the same happens when the odds are much higher.

Let’s give everyone a clear example: let’s roll a dice.

Throwing a dice gives a 1 in 6 chance of betting on each result. If this move were offered by a bookmaker, we would have a coefficient of 6.0 for either side. The probability that the die will fall on any of the 6 numbers is the same. As a percentage, this will mean a 16.66% chance that any of the six numbers will fall out

Get to know and learn more about what betting odds are.

Types of Cricket Betting Odds

When you go to a sports betting site, in the field of cricket or other sports, you can quickly collect information about the odds.

Typically, this data is presented in decimal format (2.50, 1.20, 7.80, etc.). But odds can also be displayed as fractional (3/2, 6/4) or American (+150, -150). The player can always choose which format he prefers to see the odds.

Regardless of one’s point of view, probabilities provide an example of how a certain event occurs. They also serve to show the bettor how much the invested amount will multiply if his prediction comes true.

There are various odds groups that can help you understand these factors.

  • Very low odds. Usually, they are in the range of 1.01 to 1.14.
  • Relatively low odds. Although it is slightly higher, it is between 1.15 and 1.49.
  • Average odds. Between 1.50 and 1.99 these odds start to have a lower probability.
  • High odds. Usually, with numbers greater than 2, these odds represent a high probability risk.

To give you all the details, we have prepared this article on understanding and calculating odds. This knowledge can be applied regardless of the sport. Read on if you’re interested.

How Do Decimal Odds Work?

Decimal odds are simply a reflection of the profit you will receive for each unit placed. You will notice them on sites in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The advantage is that they are easier to understand and start betting. Decimal odds are certainly a common and easy way to work and understand.

For example, let’s say a bookmaker is offering odds of 1.65 on the Mumbai Indians to win. This means that for every 1.00 you wager on that particular outcome, you will earn a profit of 0.65.

One of the popular bookmakers has listed the chances of candidates for the title of the best capital of the cricket team.

  • Rohit Sharma: 3.00
  • Virat Kohli: 11:00 
  • Zahir Khan: 13.00

These numbers represent the amount you will win for every INR 1 you wager. Therefore, if the player wagers INR 1,000 in favor of Rohit Sharma, he will win INR 3,000, including the initial bet of INR 1,000 and the winnings of INR 2,000.

Similarly, the bookmaker will win INR 11,000 if it bets INR 1,000 in favor of Virat Kohli, and INR 13,000 if it bets the same INR 1,000 in favor of Zahir Khan. Subtracting the original 1000 INR from these two amounts also gives you the profit earned on each bet.

Looking at these odds set by the bookmaker, it can be concluded that Rohit Sharma (the favorite) is much more likely to win than the other candidates. The higher the overall benefit (that is, the higher the coefficient), the less likely the listed candidate will win.

Learn how decimal odds work and what they affect in betting.

How Do Fractional Odds Work?

Fractional odds are simply a reflection of the profit you will make for a particular bet. This is the most common type of odds among the British and Irish. You can usually see them as “/” or “-“, such as 5/2 or 5-2, and are read as “five by two”. Fractional odds are used by some of the largest betting companies in the world, making them the preferred way to present odds around the world.

For example, let’s say a bookmaker offers odds of 5/2 for a team to win in a future match.

5/2 odds (expressed as “5 to 2”) means that for every 2 units you bet, you will get 5 back in profit.

Thus, if you wager 200 INR on this team, you will receive 500 INR in return plus your original bet.

For example, one of the largest betting sites listed the following odds for a potential IPL season winner. Below are the three teams with the lowest odds.

  • Rajasthan Royals: 10/11;
  • Dean Chargers: 9/4;
  • Chennai Super Kings: 7/1.

It is very easy to conclude that Rajasthan Royals are the favorites to win, and the chances of Dean Chargers and Chennai Super Kings are higher. Instead, the player receives a payout of INR 100 for every INR 110 played for the Rajasthan Royals. Meanwhile, he could earn 90 INR for every 40 INR played to win the Dean Chargers, which is unlikely. For the Chennai Super Kings, the winnings are INR 70 for every INR 10 wagered.

In the example above, if you deposit INR 1,000 to Rajasthan Royals, you will receive winnings of INR 900.91 [INR 1,000 × (10/11)], and you will also remove the original INR 1,000 bet, bringing the total will be 1900.91 INR. However, if you back bet INR 1,000 on Dean Chargers, you will make a profit of INR 2,250 [INR 1,000 × (9/4)] and adding INR 1,000 to your initial bet will result in a total withdrawal of INR 3,250. The back bet on Chennai Super Kings will be the highest, namely INR 7,000, and the total amount won will be INR 8,000.

Learn more about fractional odds on bets.

How Do American Odds Work?

Moneyline odds, also known as American odds, are probably the most foreign odds format for us. And at first, they seem a little confusing. But it’s good to understand what those odds are, especially when we hear Americans talking about betting.

So, let’s learn how to convert American odds to the appropriate odds.

There are two options for odds: minus (-) and plus (+).

The first is the money line minus (-). This is expressed, for example, as (-120).

But what does this mean?

Let’s say the bookmaker is offering odds (-120) for the Los Angeles Lakers to win the game. This means that if you put 1200 INR into this outcome, you will make a profit of 1000 INR.

Another plus (+) money lines. This is expressed, for example, as (+180).

In this case, let’s say the bookmaker offered odds (+180) for the New York Yankees to win the game. This means that if you wager 1,000 INR, you will win 1,800 INR.

You will understand with an example:

One betting site has published odds for the match between Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings.

  • Delhi Daredevils: +585
  • Chennai Super Kings: -760

The bookmaker offered odds of +585 on Delhi Daredevils, which suggests that it gave a much lower chance of winning. The player must play 100 INR to win 585 INR, and adding the initial bet to this amount, the total winnings will be 685 INR.

If you were to back bet that Chennai Super Kings would be listed as the favorite, you would have to wager INR 760 to win 100. If Chennai Super Kings won, you would win a total of INR 860 (initial stake INR 760 and winning 100 INR).

There is a big difference between the two odds in this game, which indicates that the chance of Chennai Super Kings winning the game is much higher.

Learn how American coefficients work.

How To Find The Best Online Cricket Betting Odds?

Different cricket betting websites and apps try to offer the best and most profitable odds. That is why you need to check as many options as possible to find the most profitable betting offers. The best odds are usually a result of a mistake made by the betting platform’s experts. All you need to do is find this mistake and use it correctly. Follow these instructions to find the best cricket odds.

To find the best values ​​to increase your profits you will have to search. When you stay up to date with what’s happening in other popular companies, you can choose the best if necessary. Pay attention to other platforms that offer great deals and conditions. This will definitely come in handy when you are going to bet on your favorite team.

Also, on the Internet, there are a lot of informational articles and reviews on bookmakers paying attention to cricket betting. After all, they know exactly how important it is for Indian players. On partner sites, you can find not only profitable odds, but also promotional codes to increase your winnings.

Use these tips to find the best site to place your bet with the best odds.

How To Use Betting Odds?

Now that you know what odds are and how they work, you might be wondering what you can do to make the most of them. There are some tips that you can put into practice when placing a bet.

Do Research

When we see the odds, we usually bet based entirely on this one piece of information. However, this gives you the opportunity to miss out on big opportunities.

So, before making betting decisions, do your own research. If you are going to bet on cricket, for example, look up information about the teams, how they are on the leaderboard, see if the athletes are performing well, and only then make your predictions. In this area, knowledge has its own special power. This is the best security when placing bets.

Find and research more information before you place your bet.

View More than One Bookmaker

Another action that you always need to do is to analyze the odds tables of various bookmakers. If you have a favorite site, see other options. Analyze if the probability is within the average or if another platform offers a better price on one odds than another.

This data, in addition to providing you with the margin base used by the various platforms, will allow you to find more profit opportunities when betting on a team.

Research different bookmakers and choose the best one to make your bet.

Use Bonus

Speaking of making money, the advice you can follow to make your money work is to take advantage of the bonuses offered by the sites. In addition to the welcome bonus, there are sites that give bonuses for betting on a particular sport, event, or title, which increases the overall profit.

It is always important to read the terms of an offer before accepting it. Also, see if you need to enter a promo code in order to use the bonus. However, with a bonus, betting on a team can guarantee you a higher profit.

Use the bonuses to get more benefits when you bet.

Be Provident

Although bookmakers offer safe services, especially when it comes to setting odds, it is always interesting for you to analyze how this will affect your financial situation.

In addition to calculating the probabilities of outcomes, don’t forget to consider how those outcomes will affect your financial life, both on and off the site. If you find that betting is taking up too much of your time or budget, check out the Responsible Gambling page found on all the best sites in the world for help.

Be careful and think ahead about your life before you bet.

Putting Knowledge into Practice

So, knowing the odds, probabilities, and other relevant information, do you feel ready to put all that knowledge into practice? There is nothing too mysterious about odds or betting per se. But the better prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Choose a reliable bookmaker (here you will find content tailored to your interests) and take the first steps to put your knowledge of odds into practice!

We hope that all this information has helped you and you will bet on cricket with the best odds on the most profitable sites in India!

Put all your gaming knowledge into practice to make a winning bet.


How to Calculate Cricket Betting Odds?

Let’s look at an example. If you bet INR 1,000 on India’s win at odds of 1.88, your winnings would be INR 1,880.

How does Cricket Betting Odds Work?

The odds give you an idea of how the team will play throughout the match. If you want to know which team has a better chance of winning the game, divide 1 by the given fraction. For example, 1/1.45 means that a team has a 68.9% chance of winning.


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