How to win at IPL betting – Fun88

How to win at IPL betting – Fun88

Be successful at IPL betting! – Fun88


How can I win at IPL betting? – Fun88

How to gamble like a pro with Teen Patti

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the major tournament of Cricket ever seen. Therefore, if you want to bet on the IPL at Fun88 app, you must understand perfectly which types of IPL betting you can consider when IPL betting at Fun88 app. Check them out!

  1. On the result: There is a draw in first-class cricket, so the odds on the outcome in test matches are threefold. A draw is not as frequent as in soccer, but still its probability is relatively high and comparable to field hockey. In the one-day format and the "twenty", bookmakers like Fun88 app offer two-way results without the possibility of a draw.

  2. Double chance: As in the outcome Fun88 app IPL betting, only in double chance you can add two results for a lower coefficient, for example, that there will be no draw or that one of the teams will not lose at least.

  3. In the head: Here you can make a prediction about what advantage the team will win or more than any quota will not award the opponent. For example, in test matches between strong teams, zero handicap is very popular.

  4. Total: IPL Betting on the number of injuries per match or for a single segment, after 5, 10, 15 overs, etc. It can be either overall totals or individual totals for each team.

  5. Player statistics: Top-level cricket lines usually have enough offered for personal achievements of players. There is a wide variety of indicators: the number of injuries or 6-point hits, various titles based on match results: the best batsman or the best player in the meeting.

  6. Match statistics: Cricket is rich in various statistical indicators and side events. It will not be difficult on the lines for big matches to find quotes for the number of outs or the best result of the first association. In addition, many offices offer to put how the first gate will be destroyed.

  7. On first innings: Quite a popular IPL betting market in prolonged test matches, due to know the result of the first innings, do not have to wait a few days. In the line of the first innings, you can usually find all the types of bets listed above.

  8. On the draw: The most primitive forecast that bookmakers can make on all important matches. The chances of guessing the first team attacker are 50/50, and you will still lose money on the bookmaker's margin when playing for a long time.

Attention to conditions as the key to success: main strategies

The best cricket predictors can identify easily the most valuable odds, mainly due to the formation of their unique IPL betting strategy. There are several approaches to analyze a match, regardless of the format of the match. There are five main factors to consider when choosing a cricket bet.

IPL betting

  • Draw results: In cricket, the spin of a strike is determined simply by tossing a coin. This procedure really has a big impact on the outcome of the meeting. The team that strikes first in a test match often gets an advantage, as it carries out the first attack on a new pitch with a new ball (in cricket they do not change, as in baseball, balls at the slightest sign of wear, only after 80 overs).
  • For a batsman, for example, it is easier to hit the ball after bouncing on a flat- and worn-out pitch. Therefore, the first attacking team has more opportunities for a jerk and capture the initiative in the game. This is one of the reasons why some cricket betting professionals like to play live, waiting for the results of the initial draw and thus excluding one of the uncontrollable factors.
  • Weather conditions: It is hard to name a sport more dependent on external conditions than cricket. The weather can have a big impact on the Test match, especially its duration (they don't play cricket in the rain), so the player should be familiar with the weather forecast before betting on cricket.
  • If rain is promised, the importance of the draw results increases significantly in conditions of reduced playing time. In England, during a 5-day test match, you are more likely to encounter rain, in which case you should already think carefully about how much time the game will be lost.
  • In some countries, the sun sets earlier than in others, and there is not much opportunity to make up playing time (test matches are played only in natural light). Somewhere in Sri Lanka, daylight hours may not be enough to play some hours lost due to rain, while in England the sun sets late, and at eight o'clock in the evening, teams may still be on the field.
  • Field factor: In different places and in different stadiums, the pitch where the main action takes place can be different, from the ground to very short grass and longer, and the coverage can vary in a stadium from season to season depending on the outing.
  • However, trends still exist, and, for example, slow pitches prevail in Cape Town or Adelaide, where the ball accelerates less after hitting the ground, and it is easier for a batsman to make a decent strike. In some cities, such as Australian Perth, the cover is “faster”, and there are already power bowlers in all their glory, and the work of the attack is difficult.
  • Check out the place where the game takes place: with low humidity and rarefied mountain air, the ball flies faster on average, so it is easier to make a valuable 6-point hit off the pitch. Bowlers also love dry bowls, which survive due to the twisting of the ball.
  • Some pitches tend to wear out faster over the course of several days of a Test match. In conditions of an imperfectly even pitch, a bowler gains an advantage, and it is more difficult for a batsman to repel a strike due to more unpredictable bounce.
  • It is a normal situation when in the first three innings 400 points are accumulated in each innings, and in the fourth the number drops to 150. Therefore, betting on "less total" in the last innings can be profitable, because the line does not always adapt perfectly to the changing conditions of the game.
  • Like soccer, there are teams in cricket that achieve high results precisely at the home site. The leadership of these clubs or national teams is particularly successful in preparing the pitch and forming the ideal composition for the local stadium conditions, where the strengths of the players are best, and weaknesses fade into the background.
  • Team and player uniforms: In no case should we lose the factor of the state in which the teams are suitable for a particular match. If in a large series, the home team wins the first game, then often continues to skate to the next opponents, and the guests go into the black streak of failures in an unusual, strange throw.
  • When betting on the statistics of individual players, the predisposition of the athlete to the current conditions of the game, his past form on a certain type of field, can be of decisive importance.
  • In addition, a good hitter can show a star level not only on his favorite pitch, but also if such coverage is extremely inconvenient for the opposing team. You should try to sum up all the factors and not forget that two teams enter the field, each with its own characteristics of an attacking and defensive game.
  • Longer match - richer live: First-class cricket matches last several days, so bets on the course of meetings are worthy. This is one of the few sports where professionals prefer to put it live.

The factors listed (weather, ball and field wear, draw results and others) strongly affect the events of the match, and the player who carefully watches the meeting every day can gain an advantage over the line due to better information. Unexpected moments and sudden turns in cricket often do not surprise experienced forecasters.

 How to start playing Teen Patti and beat the odds!

One of the most popular live strategies is to watch when the ball changes. To do this, carefully monitor the swings: after 80 overs a new shell appears on the field. A new ball has tight joints and can cover longer distances after contact with a bat.


However, an advantage in this situation can be gained not only by an attack, but also by a bowler, relying instead on direct feeds from the twisters. Tight seams allow the new ball to change its trajectory abruptly with twisted inputs, and this can be a problem for the batsman.


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