The best cricket betting strategies – Fun88

The best cricket betting strategies – Fun88

Cricket betting strategies at Fun88


How to get started at Fun88 cricket betting?

If you are a Cricket fan, you must feel passionate about betting on this amazing sport. If you haven't played cricket before, there are a few things you should know before you start in this world of gambling.


Of course, the first tip is to sign up with the best betting platform, Fun88. This way, you will get the best odds and limits for cricket matches worldwide. In addition, you need to choose a perfect platform or bookmaker to place your bets, like Fun88.

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This decision is accompanied by choosing the best online payment method to deposit funds into your cricket betting account at Fun88 and learn how to bet on that specific site. Here you have the best cricket betting strategies and tips to consider when you bet on cricket at Fun88 India:

  1. 1. Research on teams and players: whether you are a novice or experienced player, you should want to take advantage of the cricket markets available for cricket betting online; in this regard, you surely need to spend time researching on the performance of teams and players. It is always important to know the background before taking any risk at Fun88 India.

  2. 2. Choose single matches and single bets: since some tournaments will provide 12 types of bets, it will be easier to make your choice; so, you may want to focus on those types of matches (test series, ODI). However, some test matches and national championships may also include the possibility of a draw, so you will have to think carefully.

  3. 3. Consider team specific propositions: there are ways to bet on more specific events in a cricket match; you should consider the following types of bets: winning toss, toss combination, odd/even run scores, first innings score, match scores, over/under scores, team innings runs, series scores, partnerships, most sixes, four runs out, highest 1st 15 over.

  4. 4. Evaluate cricketers' submissions: cricket betting types can also include anything for players, which we can include. For example, beat the batsman, best bowler, player of the match, batsman matches, to score 50 runs, player performances.

  5. 5. Bet live: the running markets offer many options to bet on, which gives you more exciting options, such as batsman's runs, runs off the next ball and dismissals.



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However, as mentioned before, you may need to have knowledge of at least the basics of cricket to get the most out of it. Of course, it's best if you limit your scope to specific leagues or tournaments if you are betting at Fun88 or with another bookie.


We would like to add something that not many people consider; weather and field conditions are also very important when it comes to predicting the outcome of a match, so you should have some knowledge of how teams/players perform in specific environmental scenarios.


Cricket betting in India at Fun88


Cricket is one of the most important sports in India and there can be hundreds of Fun88 bettors who want to play in this market. Due to the many cricket statistics and the number of teams and players to bet on, there are unlimited options.


That's why it is recommended to have a limited scope and make the right choices so as not to risk your budget too much, but making the right decision also includes choosing the best bookmaker for Indian bettors. So, visit fun88 india is you want to start betting.


Baseball vs cricket: differences when it comes to betting


If you want to become into a cricket betting expert at fun88, you must understand the differences between cricket and baseball since they are often linked to each other when talking about cricket betting. But in any case, we would like to highlight the similarities and differences between the two of them.


Although many sports look like the casual sports betting fan, the truth is that cricket and baseball have many similarities. We analyze the commonalities between baseball and cricket betting in order to understand the markets, odds and statistical issues to consider when making our picks.


What are the similarities between baseball and cricket?


Basically, the objective Baseball and cricket is similar. That aim is to score more runs than the other team in the number of outs and wickets that are given out. While there are different ways to add up those runs in each game, the fact that the general idea of the sports is the same is one of the things that places baseball and cricket so close in the minds of fans.


In cricket and baseball, the same roles exist. Of course, the technical aspects of those roles vary from sport to sport, but they follow the same basic premise to get results. Pitchers and pitchers aim to minimize the scoring that the other team can do.


Baseball pitchers tend to do this by racking up strikes or trading in throwing harmless ground balls or fly balls. In the case of cricket pitchers, trying to force contact that sends the ball into defenders to create wickets and dot balls. Either way, damage control is the purpose of pitchers and bowlers in cricket.

  • Offense: On offensive side, batsmen in cricket and baseball aim to generate as many runs as possible. In baseball, this means hitting home runs by sending the ball over the wall, while in cricket the batsman aims to get the ball in the air if possible. In both cases, risk is taken with moderation, as trying to do so too much can result in a strikeout in baseball or wickets in cricket.
  • Defensively: Defensively, fielders also have the same general role. That role is to defend the ball and the team from opposing batsmen as often as possible. This tends to be easier in baseball with nine defensive players defending a smaller overall area than exists in cricket.

But both cricket and baseball defenders want to catch the ball before it hits the ground to give their team greater chances of victory. While there are so many differences between cricket and baseball, the ability to recognize that so many key roles are similar is important in relating the two sports, especially when it comes to live betting.


Pitching and hitting differences


Although the goal of cricket pitchers and bowlers is the same, to minimize damage, the way they try to do it can be very different. In baseball, balls are thrown into the air from the pitcher's hands to the catcher's hands, as pitchers are forced to position themselves on the pitcher's mound before beginning their throwing motion.


In cricket, pitchers may run before reaching the line from which they must throw. Once they release the ball, they can make it bounce before it reaches the batsman to make the strike more complicated.

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Also, the penalty for bowling an errant ball is more severe, with the batting team getting a run and lacking value for that ball in question in the total number. In baseball, you can throw four balls wrong before a batter is awarded a base.


From a batting perspective, the main difference between cricket and baseball is where players can hit the ball. In cricket, you can hit the ball backwards, forwards and sideways to accumulate runs. On the other hand, you must keep it inside a territory when playing baseball, which extends at a 90-degree angle from home base to the right and left sides. The ball must go forward, or it will be considered a foul and the batter is charged with a strike.


As you can see, there are many similarities and differences between baseball and cricket, making the two sports a unique experience despite having much in common so we recommend following live betting on both sports to get the most out of them.


The atmosphere in both sports


In the atmosphere of the matches, we find the biggest contrast between baseball and cricket. The atmospheres surrounding each of the sports in the stadiums is different. Cricket has a festive atmosphere depending on where the match is held. In big international matches, or in popular leagues like the IPL, people can be in a constant state of revelry.


However, it is not the same for baseball at the highest level, especially in the Major leagues. The sport operates on a set of unwritten rules, where players and teams are encouraged not to celebrate too effusively or show too much personality. This creates an atmosphere where, apart from on big plays or special moments, fans don't have much reason to get excited as they would in cricket.


There is also the question of capacity. Cricket grounds are much larger than baseball grounds in terms of size. This means that cricketers have more space to put seats higher up to make up the difference. With more fans around, the atmosphere in the stadium for the players is more exciting than at baseball games.


Cricket betting at Fun88


One of the best bookmakers in India is fun88 app. At Fun88, you can enjoy the best of cricket betting but also you can enjoy betting on other sports like Football, Kabaddi and many more. Moreover, Fun88 offers the most exciting bonuses and promotions.Fun88 is a reliable site where you can start cricket betting. So, visit Fun88 and enjoy the best of cricket betting in India.


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